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Quality management:

Quality management for us is not just a dull theory, but an interesting practice!

The focus is on continuous improvement of the processes and results. Knowledge and experience is fed back into the design, so that a continuous improvement process (plan-Do-Check-Act loop) is created.

Essential core concepts in quality management are:

  • Quality planning: set the quality objectives, the necessary execution processes and the related resources to fulfil the quality objectives
  • Quality control: includes techniques and activities both for monitoring a process as well as to eliminate causes of unsatisfactory results.
  • Quality checking: is the sum of all measures, to ensure a consistent product quality.

 (Source: Wikipedia.de)


Quality Control services:

• Design of Experiments (DOE)

• Statistical process control

• Evaluation of the processes / DOE / testing ( Minittab-Sofware)

• Creating of an inspection schedule

• Developing of test method or test bench

• Optimisation of processes

• Increase in efficiency and effectiveness of processes and procedures