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Process development:

The ability of the process developers lies in their ability to “look closely.” To be able to break down tasks, to dismantle and analyse everything in small pieces and to really understand, that is our first priority.

Unfortunately we find that is our professional world there is always very little time to work in this way. Diversion through stress hinders basic work. However we want to find exceptional solutions, so working in this way is essential.


What does process development mean for us?

We understand process development, as:

  • Asking questions
  • Understanding the tasks
  • Challenging everything, even the functioning
  • Searching for new combinations
  • Finding new approaches
  • Thinking outside of the box
  • Offering unconventional solutions


Services for process development:


• Analysis of the tasks

• Developement of specifications

• Development of manufacturing processes

• Tool development

• Design of experiment (DOE), implementing tests and studying the parameters

• Development of production and manufactoring concepts

• Analysis and optimisation of existing production processes

• Measurement data analysis with Minitab

• Supplier strengthening and qualifying