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Measurement technology:

“Counting and measuring are the basics of all the most successful, safe and exact scientific methods that we know,” Hermann von Helmholtz, German physicist and physiologist, 1821-1894.

Hermann von Helmholtz’s farsighted statement is demonstrated daily in our technological world, a world in which measurement technology is now an integral part of. However , if you measure a lot, you also risk collecting a lot of data that is not neccessarily relevant. For precisely that reason we carry out our work with a healthy proportion of self-critical reflexion.


Services for measurement technology:

Measurements recordings and logging of:

• Electrical power (current and voltage, power quality)

• Temperature (dynamic, high temperature range, high accuracy)

• Flow rates measurement (clamp on ultrasonic, liquid media)

• Compressed air consumption with built in sensors

• Volume flow (water, compressed air, various gases)

• Humidity, speed, flow velocity, etc.

• Infared thermal imaging

• Simultaneous recording and logging of several analog and digital signals.