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Energy efficiency:

Unfortunately the topic of energy efficiency is often dismissed because it is underestimated and onlylinked to the reduction of CO2

To us energy efficiency means much more. It’s not only charming, but also extremely attractive. It’s attractive because it helps save money. If the company were to consistently plan their factories and production sites energy efficiently, significant savings could be realised. But also the ongoing operating of machines and facilities has great potential savings, which often could be realised easily.

Based on our experiences we would like to encourage you to make savings in these areas. And as a pleasant side effect, your company is also automatically helping our environment.


Services for energy efficiency:

  • Recording of measurements and energetic analysis of manufacturing facilities and processes.
  • Evaluation of the energy efficiency of manufacturing facilities and processes
  • Energy optimisation of industrial facilities and processes
  • PINCH Analysis:
  • Holistic process evaluation; optimising the energetic and economic connection of energy flow (or process flow)
  • Development of measures for heat recovery
  • Holistic process examination
  • Exchange of energy flow
  • Integration of heat pumps