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Component cleanliness

Over the last few years component cleanliness has become very important. As part of the standardisation activities of ISO16232-1 and VDA19 the technical cleanliness was quantified. Today in the automotive industry all relevant components are provided with specifications in the drawing for this purpose. Therefore the cleanliness of a component has a set quality characteristic, which must consistently be checked.

Thinking about component cleanliness does not start during production or in the cleaning system. It starts right at the beginning of the design process. During the design process the essential characteristics of the components are defined by the following constraints:

  • Susceptibility of the component to dirt
  • Accessibility for cleaning
  • Amount of deburring
  • Susceptibility to recontamination during assembly
  • Effort and cost of cleaning process

The consequences are various, the required component cleanliness can only be achieved with considerable effort. The awareness towards the cleaning process and the factors affecting the cleanliness has therefore changed significantly. Cleaning is no longer seen as a necessary evil but is now considered a value adding process with a impact on costs.


Services for component cleanliness

• Independent manufacturer consulting

• Experience in the field for 23 years

• Development and planning of cleaning and deburring concepts

• Investment planning and procurement

• High-pressure water jets for deburring, surface activation and abration (3000 bar)

• Optimisation of the cleaning processes (procedure and filtration)

• Acceptance, commissioning, production testing and production start-up monitoring

• Residual contamination analysis according to VDA 19-1, ISO 16232

• Design optimisation of components (cleaning, deburring, assembly)

• Optimization of assembly processes from a cleanliness point of view (VDA 19-2)

• Mechanical deburring process (vibratory finishing, shot blasting, brush deburring, etc.)