The company CCC Schilling Ltd was founded in 2008 by Mr. Dezsoe Schilling. The name "CCC-Schilling Ltd" was derived from the English "Component Cleanliness-Company".

After nearly 18 years of professional experience in manufacturing process development, surface engineering and industrial cleaning at Daimler AG, we focus our daily business on the topic of component cleanliness.

Over the last few years we have increasingly expanded our work into other subject areas.

Due to the need of energy efficiency within the industrial production systems we have gained a very extensive range of measurement technology knowledge. We have come to learn that without a solid foundation of measurement device no reliable measurement results can be generated, therefore no genuine energy efficiency analyses can be conducted.

Something that we have in the past underestimated, but today have an in-depth knowledge of, is that it often is necessary to take measurements to develop a deeper understanding of the relationships between the processes.

We have discovered that interfering with the processes can lead to serious improvements in energy efficiency.

We advise our customer that:

  • To understand and optimise the process, the correct measurements must be performed.
  • Only then can successful processes, as well as optimum energy efficiency be achieved.